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Personal Affairs Guide

This is the updated Personal Affairs/Survivors Guide you have been waiting for!

Hours of research by both Col Steve dePyssler, USAF (Ret), and CMSgt Herman Nock, USAF (Ret), of the Barksdale AFB Retiree Activities Office, have culminated in what is, arguably, the best product of it's kind to be found anywhere. The guide is provided in PDF format.

Honor & Respect for Old Glory

The flag should be displayed on all days, especially on the following dates.


1st New Year's Day
20th Inauguration Day
3rd Monday M.L.K Jr's Birthday


12th Lincoln's Birthday
3rd Monday Washington's Birthday


variable Easter


2nd Sunday Mother's Day
3rd Saturday Armed Forces Day
Last Monday Memorial Day
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14th Flag Day
3rd Sunday Father's Day


4th Independence Day


1st Monday Labor Day
11th Patriot Day
17th Constitution Day


2nd Monday Columbus Day


11th Veterans Day
4th Thursday Thanksgiving Day


7th Pearl Harbor Day
25th Christmas Day

[and all other days as may be proclaimed by the President of the United States, the birthdays of States (date of admission) and on State holidays.]

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Officers and Directors

President - Col Michael Dilda, USAF (Ret)
h: 318.459.6601 c: 662.425.1556
email: mldilda66@gmail.com
Mike Dilda attended Specialized Undergraduate Navigator Training at Mather AFB earning his wings in July 1989. He was a “Distinguished Graduate” of B-52 Combat Crew Training at Castle AFB, reported to Barksdale AFB in April 1990 and in 1996 became a Formal Training Unit Instructor and then Evaluator with the 11th Bomb Squadron. In 1998 Colonel Dilda was the 2nd Bomb Wing’s Air Weapons Officer and a combat planner in Operations DESERT FOX, JOINT TASK FORCE NOBLE ANVIL and ALLIED FORCE. In 2001 as Flight Commander, Weapons and Tactics, 2nd Operations Support Squadron he was selected 2nd Bomb Wing “Flight Commander of the Year.”Colonel Dilda served as an Academic Instructor/Advisor with Air Command and Staff College, was selected “Top Contributor” for development of the AY2003 Air Operations Course and was then selected Operations Officer, Division 1, 21st Student Squadron. In 2004 Colonel Dilda was assigned to Headquarters, United States Strategic Command as a B-2 Strike Planner and later served as the Director, Exercises and Training for the Joint Functional Component Command Global Strike and Integration.During OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM, Colonel Dilda served 15 months at Camp Taji, Iraq as Director of the Base Support Unit and Commander of the 370th/821st Expeditionary Training Squadron. He has previously served as a Deputy Mission Support Group Commander at Columbus AFB, Mission Support Group Commander at Minot AFB, Deputy Division Chief of Training and Standardization/Evaluation with Air Force Global Strike Command at Barksdale AFB, and Director of Staff, 379th Air Expeditionary Wing, Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar.Colonel Dilda’s last command before retirement was serving as the Bomber Operations Division Chief with Air Force Global Strike Command at Barkdsale Air Force Base, LA. He was responsible for organizing, training, and equipping forces in support of B-2 and B-52 bomber weapon systems and command airfield operations.
1st V.P. - Lt Bill Davis, USN (Ret)
phone h: 318.510.3082 c: 318.754.7976
w: email: bdavis@bossiersheriff.com
h: email: billdavis77@yahoo.com
2nd V.P. - Currently Vacant
3rd V.P. - Maj Walt Slocombe, USAF (Ret)
phone h: 318.752.1507 c: 318.840.6302 w: 318.456.3806
email: slocombe@suddenlink.net
Maj. Walt SlocombeWalt completed his Bachelors degree in Business at Kansas State University then served as an enlisted air traffic controller at Luke AFB, AZ. After completing OTS and navigator training, Walt served as a B-52 navigator, radar navigator, instructor and evaluator at Barksdale. He then returned to Mather AFB to teach new B-52 navigators and Navy P-3 naval flight officers. A tour in Hawaii as a general’s exec followed. He returned to the B-52 just in time for Operation Desert Storm from Jeddah, Saudia Arabia. Following the Gulf War, he served as commander of the 379th Services Squadron, Wurtsmith AFB until the base closed. He finished his career at Langley AFB with ACC Services, coordinating personnel and equipment for deployments. Since retirement he has been an instructor at the B-52 schoolhouse at Barksdale AFB. He has been married for 30 years and has four children. He has a Masters degree in Public Administration and has been a local MOAA board member since 1998.
Secretary - Col David Lay, USAF (Ret)
phone c: 318.426.1221
email: davidljlay@yahoo.com
Col. David LayCommissioned in 1971 through AFROTC, Dave Lay flew various models of the B-52 as a co-pilot, pilot and both an instructor and evaluator pilot. Assignments included SAC Headquarters, Air Force liaison to the Commander Second Fleet, various B-52 wing staffs, commander of an AFROTC detachment and as deputy commander of the Iceland Defense Force. He retired at Barksdale AFB in 2001 after 30 years of active service. He has an MS from USC and since retiring, completed a two year course of study in computers. Recently retired from Air Force Global Strike Command Hq, where he worked in the Air Operations Center. He is the immediate past president of the Ark-La-Tex Chapter of the Military Officers Association of America.
Treasurer - Lt Col Philipp Blaufuss, USAF (Ret)
phone h: 318.797.3953 c: 318.393.0509
email: pblaufuss@aol.com
LTC Phil BlaufussLt Col Phil Blaufuss was born in West Des Moines, Iowa and entered the Aviation Cadet program at Harlingen AB in 1954. He was awarded his commission and Navigator wings and married his home town sweetheart in 1956. From 56 to 59 he flew B-29s in Japan and Okinawa and assisted in the production of two daughters, LeeAnn and Sheryl, between shopping trips to Tokyo. He amassed over 7000 hours in the B-52 at Travis AFB, CA; Kincheloe AFB, MI; U-Tapao AB, Thailand; Anderson AB, Guam and Barksdale AFB. He is the recipient of two Distinguished Flying Cross medals and the Bronze Star. He retired in 1979 after 24 yrs of service. Since retirement he has taught mathematics and Computer Science in both the public school and university level. He recently lost his wife to Pulmonary Fibrosis after 53 years of marriage.
Immediate Past President - Maj Steward Greathouse, USAF (Ret)
h: 318.965.0990 c: 318.347.4838 w: 318.456.7644
email: instugator@gmail.com
Maj. Stewart GreathouseStew Greathouse was commissioned in 1988 upon graduation from the USAF Academy. He finished pilot training at Columbus AFB, MS and was selected to fly the B-52. He flew combat missions in Operations Desert Storm, Enduring Freedom, and Iraqi Freedom. He is Command Pilot with 500 hours of combat time and over 3,100 total flying hours in the B-52G, B-52H, T-38A and T-37B aircraft. He retired at Barksdale AFB in 2008 after 20 years of service. Since retiring, he completed an MBA at Centenary College of Louisiana and is currently working for Air Force Global Strike Command as an Operations Research Analyst in the Analyses, Assessment and Lessons Learned Division.
Director - Col Daniel Charchian, USAF (Ret)
phone h: 318.918.7755 c: 703.268.8086
email: B1Charch@aol.com
Director - John Collier
phone c: 318.453.0802
email: cjcvs7@hughes.net
Director - Col Steve dePyssler, USAF (Ret)
phone w: 318.456.5976 c: 318.525.4920
email: steven.depyssler@us.af.mil
Col. Steve dePysslerCol Steve dePyssler, has been a Board member since 1980. He is editor of The Military Officer (the Chapter newspaper) as well as the Chapter Recruiting Officer, the Dues Collector and the Chapter Casualty Officer. In his spare-time, Steve is Director of the Barksdale Retiree Activities Office where he works probably over 60 hours a week!
Director - Lt Col George Finck, USAF (Ret)
phone h: 318.433.1853 c: 318.965.4124
email: gfincksr@gmail.com
Lt Col. George Finck

Committee Chairpersons
 Budget & Finance
 Lt Col Philipp Blaufuss, (Ret)
 Dinner Reservations
 Col Steve dePyssler, (Ret)
 Lt Bill Davis, (Ret)
 Currently Vacant
 Col Steve dePyssler, (Ret)
 Col Steve dePyssler, (Ret)
 Col Michael Dilda, (Ret)
 Programs and Events
 Lt Bill Davis, (Ret)
 Roster Update/Corrections
 Lt Col John Seanor, (Ret)
ROTC/JROTC Coordinator
 John Collier
 Col Michael Dilda, (Ret)
 Lt Col George Finck, (Ret)
 Transition Center
 Maj Walt Slocombe, (Ret)

Pharmacy Formulary

Jan 2017 Barksdale AFB Formulary


In Memoriam Jan 2018

Our heartfelt sympathy is extended to the families of the following chapter members and surviving spouses who have passed to their eternal rest.


George Gray, COL, USA
Howard Harper, Lt Col, USAF
Gene A Kersten, Maj, USAF

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